The Management 101 Guided Program

Did the chicken come first or the egg? We know that it’s hard to build management skills without having the opportunity to be a manager. That’s why we’ve built this program to help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a manager. We use real life and personal implementation of the skills because, really, if you can’t manage yourself and your life, it’ll be hard to trust that you can manage others. Improve your own life while having specific results that showcase your ability to step into manager shoes.

Topics include:

  • Managing Yourself:

    • Time & Priority Management
    • Stress & Burnout Management
    • Space Management
    • Soft Skills
  • Managing Projects:

    • Project Management
    • Problem Solving
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Decision Making
  • Managing Others:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communication
    • Feedback & Clarification
    • Group Improvement & Support

Become more employable!

Add any of the following to your resume + LinkedIn:

  • Improved time, energy & capacity management by committing to management skills through 10 minutes a day for 75 days!

  • Skilled in developing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals and driving successful outcomes.

  • Gained experience in effective communication techniques, including active listening, feedback solicitation and feedback distribution (using the SBI model), written communication, rapport-building and motivation.

  • Created a comprehensive career growth plan that included a self-assessment, skill gap analysis, and actionable steps to achieve career aspirations.

You deserve to...

  • Gain access to opportunities that align with your skills.
  • Have a chance to build proven management experience without waiting for somebody to give you the opportunity.
  • Manage your own life successfully.

Best for those who:

  • Want to proactively work towards the job of their dreams.

  • Want to build their employable skills to gain higher level and higher paying jobs.

  • Want to improve their life and their career.

Course curriculum

    1. Common Ways Stress Impacts Your Life

    2. Identifying and Working Through Stressors

    3. BRITT TO DO Common Stressors

    4. The Difference Between Stress and Burnout

    5. Proactive Ways of Dealing with Stress

    6. Reactive Ways of Dealing with Stress

    1. Elements of Good Communication

    2. Finding Your Communication Style

    3. Preparing for Communication

    4. During and After Communication: Tips for Success

    5. Navigating Difficult Conversations

    6. Online Communication: When To Use It

    7. Online Communication: How To

About this course

  • $10.00 / month
  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content