The Financially Flourishing Guided Program

There’s no doubt that finances play a huge role in our lives. In fact, 73% of Americans indicate that their number 1 stress in life is finances (Capital One CreditWise Survey). With only 10 minutes a day, expect to gain the financial literacy needed to build a strong financial foundation, so that you can then transition into financially flourishing. Improve your relationship with money, build financial goals, get started with investing, file your taxes, and more!

Future you deserves this.

You deserve to...

  • Feel like you're in control, and not just struggling paycheque to paycheque.
  • Set “Future You” up for success by figuring out how to invest (time is one of the biggest factors in investing; there’s no time to lose!).
  • Build a healthy relationship with money.

You deserve to...

  • Be able to afford the life you desire.
  • Feel financially empowered.
  • Make intentional financial choices.
  • Understand how to make money decisions that align with your life goals.

Best for those who:

  • Feel like money is holding them back.

  • Have no clue where their money seems to go (or knows & regrets it).

  • Want to set up their future selves financially while still enjoying their daily life now.

  • Want financial education that can be personalized to their life and priorities.

Become more employable!

Add any of the following to your resume + LinkedIn:

  • Built a strong sense of self-discipline and problem solving into day-to-day life through daily learning and implementation.

  • Learned to effectively manage time and maintain an organized lifestyle through consistent participation and incorporation of daily lessons.

  • Built an understanding and improvement of stress management skills by proactively handling personal finances and associated stresses.

  • Created comprehensive financial goals, developed clear action steps to complete them, and clarified the motivation, accountability, and structure needed to support the reaching of personal goals. Reached an X success rate of these goals.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Financially Flourishing!

    2. Navigating Our Resources

    1. Making Your Finances Matter

    2. Understanding your Relationship with Money

    3. Money Mindset Part 1 - Forgiving Ourselves

    4. Money Mindset Part 2 - Being Brave

    5. Money Mindset Part 3 - Keeping Our Money Personal

    6. Money Mindset Part 4 - Talking About Money

    7. Intentional Spending

    8. Money vs. Time and Money vs. Usage

    9. Emotions and Mindset Check In

    1. Net Worth: Assets

    2. Net Worth: Liabilities

    3. Money In and Money Out

    4. Tracking Past Expenses

    5. Reflecting on Past Expenses

    6. Let's Share!

    1. Negotiating a Salary

    2. Negotiating Bills

    3. Adding in Streams of Income

    4. Negotiating a Promotion or Pay Raise

    5. Navigating Impulse Spending

    6. Test Your Learning!

    1. Before You Begin....

    2. Normalize Talking About Finances

    3. How to Handle Difficult Emotions During Finance Dates

    4. Financial Abuse

    5. Talking About Money

    6. Exploring Finances Together

    7. Exploring Money Goals

    8. Splitting Expenses With Your Partner

    9. Setting Financial Boundaries

    10. Setting Financial Boundaries With Your Partner

    11. Income, Monthly Expenses, & Savings—Oh My!

    12. Putting Your Money Plans Into Action

    1. Budgeting Methods

    2. Building Your Budget

    3. Sustaining Your Budget Journey

    4. Budgets - Consolidation

    5. Wrap Up Your Learning!

About this course

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  • 136 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content